I make one-off personalized pixel art illustrations & keychains. Made to order.

Custom illustration | 30 USD

Custom illustration | 30 USD

Custom pixel art illustration of your ride. You will get the drawing in digital format (high res .jpg and .png images, Instagram edit, phone wallpaper).

Vector file optional.

Custom illustration + keychain | 55 USD

Custom illustration + keychain | 55 USD

Custom pixel art illustration of your ride (in digital format) + one-off acrylic keychain.

Worldwide shipping included.

Custom enquiry

Custom enquiry

Contact me for further information.

If you have any questions please fill out this form to get contacted.

Please check your email inbox (including spam folder) or Instagram DMs within the next 24 hours to make sure you don't miss my message. By submitting this form you agree to get contacted by PXLCRS and you accept the Privacy policy of this website.

What People Said

Dino has always been exceedingly prompt and reliable, with the ability to flawlessly tackle a variety of subjects and illustration styles. When you give a job to Dino, you know the details are going to be done right, and he's always flexible and willing to try something a bit different.
By Daniel Boer/Blipshift
Seriously one of my most cherished possessions now. Absolutely perfect!
By Chad
Coolest keychains ever!
By Doug DeMuro
Still one of my favorite gifts! Amazing work!
By Joe
Easily the coolest custom thing I've ever ordered.
By Krystal
My girl got this for me and it is the best thing ever! I love what you did and it looks so good.
By Jairus

Frequently asked questions

I make one-off personalized pixel art illustrations & keychains. Made to order.

Most likely, yes! As long as I have good reference photos, I can draw anything.

Please fill out the order form on this website. I will get back to you with a timeframe and payment info.

Contact me through my website, Instagram or Facebook page if you have any questions.

Custom pixel art illustration (in digital format) is 30 USD and the keychain is additional 25 USD with worldwide shipping included.

Unfortunately, that's not possible. Even if you might not need the files, I still have to draw your car first to make the keychain.

30 USD standard package includes: high resolution .jpg image, .png image with the transparent background, Instagram edit and phone wallpaper.

Vector file is a 5 USD option.

Worldwide shipping is included in the price of the keychain. I ship from Croatia, Europe and I use national postal services. I will provide you with the tracking code for your package.

I accept PayPal only at the moment.

Ordering more than one keychain packages certainly opens up a possibility for discussing a discount. So, do try to get your gearhead friends involved, I would very much appreciate it!

Besides that, follow my Instagram and Facebook page to make sure you don't miss the special deals I offer throughout the year.

When you fill out the order form I will get back to you with the estimated date when your custom illustration will be done (usually 2-6 weeks, up to 3 months when the demand is higher).

When you receive the initial drawing you can ask for a few revisions before I make the keychain. Those are usually done within a day.

Keychains are made in a batch once in 1-3 weeks.

Keychains are made of 2x2 mm acrylic pieces, usually between 7 and 8 cm in length.

Let me know beforehand if you want me to make it smaller or bigger than that.

ILLUSTRATION (in digital format):
You can only ask for a refund before I have started work on your illustration. Once the work has begun full refund is not possible due to the fact it takes me time to make every custom illustration and you know what you can expect based on my previous work. Do not place an order if you are not sure if you like my work.

By any means do let me know if you think your package is late/lost or if there's any other issue with the product (it came broken or something similar).

If you didn't get the package in 35 days (from the day I've sent the confirmation email) and the tracking code shows no recent activity, I will request the missing package search, which can last up to 60 days once initiated. If it's confirmed as lost I will offer to send it again or give you a refund for the product in question.

I will do my best to make every customer 100 percent happy. If you're not satisfied with my services or products please let me know. If we stay reasonable I'm sure we can find a way to get things right.

I'm based in Croatia, Europe.

I use Adobe Illustrator for all my illustrations.